सिधा बाटोको हिंडाइ

Walking the Straight Path (सिधा बाटोको हिंडाइ ~ Sidhā bāṭōkō hiṇḍā’i) is one text in a series that is being developed by DL Publicaciones (DLP) for junior youth.

I have posted Nepali-language versions of this text below, so we can share with our families the lessons that our junior youth group is studying.

Thank you to DLP and their community for creating a book that contains so much wisdom!


(Introductory pages)

  1. Bird and fox
  2. In the garden
  3. Planting trees
  4. Two bones
  5. The race
  6. Two frogs
  7. The melon
  8. The ember
  9. An unusual friendship
  10. The unusual chicken

There are 20 lessons in all — stay tuned for more! :^)